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A techno artist from Finland (real name: Ville Virtanen) who is best known for "Sandstorm." He is the best techno artist who ever existed (well, maybe not the best, but he comes close)
Unlike all the shit music on the radio today, Darude's music is actually good.
by 3976897kjkhiluysiou36i32 June 05, 2004
Darude is a techno artist that hails from Europe (like 99% of all other techno artists). His first release was entitled "Before the Storm" which included into his best hit to date "Sandstorm". While popular in the mainstream, many techno fans (like me) hated the song simply because it was entirely overrated and over-played on the radio. "Out of Control" and "Feel The Beat" singles followed suit, using the same style from "Sandstorm".

A few years later, Darude released his second album "Rush". Although not as popular as the album before it, "Rush" had a much better overall sound. Two singles were released from the album, "Music" and "Next to You". Both singles were trance and weren't instantly popular like "Sandstorm". However, the album is full of great hits like "Passing By" and "Bitter Sweet".

Darude is currently on tour. If he continues to make albums like "Rush", he will the respect of the techno community he lost during the "Sandstorm Era".
Darude: Hmmm. I think it's time to play "Sandstorm" again.
Set Manager: You've already played that 8 time tonight...
Darude: HEY! Who's the DJ here? The people love it.
Set Manager: Whatever Dum..Darude.
by Will August 27, 2004