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party amimal, always coming up with party ideas and new places to go party.
Ask Joe where's the Darryl this week!
by joerub February 03, 2010
228 165
The man named 'Darryl', is typically a very realistic person who keeps his cool under pressure. When everything goes tits up around you, you can look to a man like this to do what needs to be done. One to rely on. Funny, reasonably intelligent, very alert and obscenly observant.
They are very loving emotionally and physically, and generally well hung.

A great kisser, a passionate personality.

Not so good with finances, but a down to earth good hard, man. Will get things done, actions will always speak louder than his words.
Darryl sets the Example
by juliaghoulia February 03, 2010
650 243
To taunt a person, usually an athlete, by slowly repeating their name.

From when fans used to taunt Darryl Strawberry by chanting “Darr-ylll Darr-yllll,” which was first chanted during the 1986 World Series.

If Osgood lets in another goal we will Darryl him.
by Cocktail Sauce #1 April 01, 2009
460 230
A man that is known as a male hoe, but has a great heart! Very handsome and charming smile. A sex machiene, and a PUSSY MONSTER! Often likes to have his cake and eat it to. Prides himself on being a joke teller, BUT at times his jokes are not as funny as he thinks. When his buttons are pushed, he turns into a HOT HEAD! People love to be around him because he knows how to have a good time. Lowkey alchoholic.
That ni**a Darryl is a Clown!
by Ole Buddy July 06, 2011
121 64
Warm, shy individual. Great coach or teacher. Beloved one. Genuine and bright, gifted artistically.

Fun loving and humourous, likes to make people laugh.
I wish my son was Darryl.

Please be a Darryl and fetch me that dear!?
by hilltop1 February 03, 2010
194 147
A very smart and intelligent man. Strong, funny, and smart. Can it get any better? Nope. Whenever you need him, he'll be there. Darryl is always a good friend, husband, and dad. Darryl is good at everything- video games, math, driving race-cars, being a genius, etc. Everyone will always remember Darryl when he is passed- such a good guy. Deserves more appreciation and recognition for the things he does. Phenomenal person.
"Darryl is a God"
by Someone you probably know... January 07, 2014
12 5
A turd that touches the water before being disengaged. Or, someone who has these qualities.
Oh man, i did the sweetest darryl today.
Look at that semi-submerged guy, what a darryl.
by Dr Gay June 07, 2006
353 359