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A blog you read "when you care enough to feign interest".

The collection of "regurgitated thoughts brought to you by Darling Niki's erratic psyche, served in digestible nuggets of information".

An accidental Xanga celebrity -- often found at the top ten featured premium blogs list -- thanks to loyal readers, drive-by/random proppers and word-of-mouth.

A nocturnal freak of nature, transplanted from the islands of the pacific to the vibrant, inspiring, gutwrenching, magical and terrible place that is New York City.

Anam cara to Jack. Mommy to Ozzy the pug and to Loki the wolf. Author of many "midnight haikus" and various insomnia-induced poetry. Alpha female and intimidator at the Texas Holdem table.

Not to be confused with another "Darling Niki", purveyor of erotic apparel, toys and shoes.

Named after the famous Prince song "Darling Nikki", except this one's got one less "K".

"I knew a girl named Niki, I guess you could say she was a sex (and rock n' roll and blogging and holdem and coffee) fiend."

"Man, Darling Niki went "all in" after the flop with a sik and made the nuts on the river."

"I need my daily dose of Darling Niki with my cup of coffee."
by Arlingday Ikinay November 24, 2004
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Just go see the definition of "Darling Niki", will ya?
by Arlingday Ikinay November 25, 2004
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