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A Newcastle metal band formed February 2006. They started out with members AJ - Vocals, Matt Horvat - Rhythm Guitar, Nick - Bass, Mitch - Drums and Sam Nickols - Lead Guitar. After playing one show Nick, Mitch and Sam left the band, and Darkest White were later joined by Skarlett - Drums and Liam Bonomini - Bass. Sam Nickols rejoined the band and this lineup did not last long. After a tiff Skarlett left the band, and was then replaced by Liam's younger brother Sam. A demo was made, released one day, then never heard of. This lineup didnt last. AJ was kicked off the scene and was then replaced by the NOTORIUS Cameron "corpsegrinder" Overend - ex-drummer for 12 Mile Tombstone and Immune. Cameron brought br00t4l vox to the band, and many ideas. Another demo was made and was released and lasted a lot longer than the first. With a few difficulties with the lead guitarist, he was kicked out and replaced by Ryan Peterkin, one of Cameron's best mates. This was the lineup for the majority of Darkest White's existance. The band had taken so many directions - started out hardcore, then metalcore, then used various types of metal and joined them into one to produce sweet tunes that make you wanna kick someone in the teeth. Heavy sludgey riffs to fast tech movements that really gives you a stiffy!

They've played some really sweet shows with good bands (such as The Rivalry, Western Decay, Wish For Wings) to playing just ordinary shows around Newcastle.

A recent loss to the band, leaving the boys devestated is Ryan leaving. They're on a new direction with new members and are confident that the new shit is gonna melt your face off.
Darkest White are br00t4l
by Sludgey McDoom October 14, 2007
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