1.) A popular young inspiring vampire writer
2.) A vampire writer who is somewhat imfamous on the internet for writing No Such Things As Vampires
3.) Dark short stories written by a vampire author
I read Dark Vamp Writer's stories they make me fantasize alot

I just read a dark vamp written story it was great
by MonsterXXX December 17, 2008
Top Definition
A vamp author that has been writing erotic vampire stories since she was 16. Her best damn work is No Such Things As Vampires and she is circulating more work on the internet.
Dark Vamp Writer's stories made me cream my pants
by Crissy Snow October 16, 2007
A vamp writer who started a little too young to write vampire erotica. The works of the vamp writer have been circulating around the net since 2002 and the best work she has written is No Such Things as Vampires, starring a hot young vampire named Andrique.
Everytime dark vamp writer writes she makes the world cum
by Kilogram July 22, 2008

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