an amazing girl who usually hangs out with stoners and other strange people, but lives a good life of her own. she is an amazing girlfriend to whoever she may be dating. she loves to snuggle, and is a perfect girl if your name is tyler.
i love darby. shes very nice.
by fuckthefuckingfuckers January 05, 2010
one of the nicest people you will ever meet. she is an amazing friend and could never be forgotten she will always make you laugh and smile. she is extremely smart. she is one of the most prettiest people you will ever meet. if you ever get the chance to meet a Darby don't just let her be someone else best friend, make sure she is yours because she will always be there for you and love you forever and all those boys out there who get her a girlfriend you so lucky.
Darby is perfection
by tammehh May 30, 2013
A slag term meaning to hold almost un ungodly amount of power. To be a darby is to be someone who hold and uses a lot of power. Slang term originated in Northern California in the early 2000's.
You boss is suck a darby, he can tell anyone what he wants, and it will be done.
by Zac Cirivello January 07, 2003
An extremely cool concept (taken from the creator of Get Fuzzy)
I loved the nine inch nails concert it was completely darby!
by kaypuis October 19, 2003
Noun, plural (British slang): handcuffs
"Come along Molly," said the bobbie after she was cornered, "let's have 'e hands so I can clap the darbies on ye, then down the station well go."
by k9quik November 28, 2009
obligatory friend; a person who is a lifelong friend that you keep around to try to socialize to standard but never quite fits in
Cool Guy 1: This party is really cool.... except for the guy in the corner, who is that?
Cool Guy 2: Oh, it's cool... that's my Darby
Cool Guy 1: Oh, OK
by S.K.A.M.M. September 18, 2010
Not so much a street name in a pimptastic southern NC city as it is a state of being, commonly associated with a certain "swagger"
Dem Boyz on Darby are wild and out of control. Gettin all crunk and hoppin bout to rap music all nite
by Bork August 03, 2005

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