A magnificent name showing courageousness and a clever mind. One that fools ithers and manipulates them to his liking.
Why is Daquan such a lelouche!!!!
by Knight of Zaku July 15, 2009
Top Definition
Daquan is a fictional black character who traps and raps. He has inspired it in the life of white girls all around the world such as: Becky, Jennifer and Heather.

He has brought them to trap and let them meet the squad. He's taught them how to trap, make kool aid and fry chicken. He goes to 0 - 100 real quick and he lives in the trap house. This nigga is the real MVP!
Becky: "Mom...Daquan got me pregnant"


Becky: "Chill Mom he's dropping his new mixtape soon"
by Chiko Time July 08, 2014
A black nigga who's always in the trap, with his white hoes. Breaking poor white parents hearts all over the suburbs or gated communities.
Mom I dont need school. Daquan's gon' be rich once the mix tape comes out.
by __jennybean__ July 09, 2014
Top ratchet boy name of 2014.

Top ratchet girl name of 2014 is Shaniqua.
Hey yo Daquan! I here you go out with Shaniqua now!
by squirrel11 March 13, 2015
Daquan is a bitch ass nigga that don't know shit. He thinks he's the flyest motherfucker out when in reality, the money he posts on Instagram is his momma's tax return. He lives in his Mom's attic that she didn't even know about. He fucks bitches named PlayStationesha and XboxOneadrea when he should be looking for a job. But hey, that's Daquan for ya.
Swag Master 1: Ayo, who is that Fuckboy over there?
Swag Master 2: That's just Daquan's bitch ass.
by DaquanWashingtonSucks November 26, 2014
The most awesomest person you will ever meet often seen trying to make people laugh and trying to get all the ladies he is often seen smashing kids in first person shooters and listening to some EDM music often hands out with white kids but that's cool though
by Henrythe2nd January 12, 2013
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