To be mad; angry. Usually said at the end of a sentence with emphasis (!!!) to express deep emotions.
'gawdamn I failed calculas, DAO MING SI !!!' >:
by JaeTerius June 06, 2003
Top Definition
A mega-rich, handsome guy who is exceptionally faithful to his girlfriend, in other words, a guy too good to be true.
Your boyfriend is no Dao Ming Si; he is just a good-for-nothing love rat.
by Y Zeng October 05, 2003
An expression of extreme shock and anguish, a reaction to a catastrophe of horrific magnitude.
When your house is broken into and your entire possessions and life savings are stolen and ransacked, and you're entire family is slaughtered and dismembered and you are paralyzed from shock. (Basically, you're life is over)..You would say "Dao Ming Si" and thats all..
by kikkoman69 November 30, 2004
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