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an Asian ginger who thinks he/she is cool by hanging out with kids from other towns. He/she often denys people knowing his \her friends from other towns. Enjoys using splendid adjectives like mad & dirty. Finds humor in raising his fingers to his mouth and saying "what?" even though it is not funny in anyway or sport. He wants to have sexual relations with teacher like Mr. Hasson and Mr. Thomas. At every Rec Hall he plays basketball for 2 hrs. straight even though he isnt good at it. He has never talked to a girl ever in his entire life besides his mom and Mary-tits although the majority of his days are spent thinking of sexual fantasies of miranda toci. His favorite band is the red hot chili peppers. he admits to ejaculating to their hit single scar tissue. although his nipples are oddly large, he thinks he is tough and tall.
That is mad, dirty, nasty schnikes said Danny Coyne
by ?????????laz March 19, 2010

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