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A brain dead fan of Danica Patrick. Typically they do not realize Danica Patrick is an overhyped midpack racer who only survives in the IndyCar Series because she is willing to dance around in a bikini like a Grade B stripper. Danitards typically know nothing about motorsports and spend countless hours masturbating to Danica Patrick bikini photos.
See that loser with the hairy palms and the vacant look in his eyes, he is a big time Danitard who believes Danica Patrick is a great race car driver.
by Gomer Pyledriver March 11, 2009
Noun-colloquial expression for semi-official uniform consisting of a black running shirt, blue jeans and black Jesus sandals. Commonly found in Austin, TX. Variations include said black running shirt with black running shorts.
"Dude, don't you ever wear anything but the Danitard?"
by Matty Southside June 22, 2009

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