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The Danish Liberation Movement (DLM) is an environmental group dedicated to recycling human waste into heating fuel, such as coal or natural gas. They currently have two products, "Dem Shaester broek" (the shit brick) and "Dem Woester Wounde" (the great wind), both used by the majority of Danish citizens. It is a great honor to give a ton of Shaester Broek to your family; it recognizes their commitment to the environment, as well as your financial investment to their wellbeing
Hans: Lara, what is that sound?
Lara: Papa, it's the Danish Liberation Movement with your Shaester Broek!
Hans: Lara! A ton of shit from Christmas! Could there be a better gift?
Lara: Truely shit is the gift that keeps on giving.
Hans: I'll drink to that!
by Pitt the Younger December 05, 2007
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Semi-clandestine but unformalized movement for the great liberation of the World through the small cookies started in Denmark.
Look at these cookies, dude ..!

Eh, these are Danish Liberation Movement cookies. Sure teste yammy.
by elly2 February 12, 2012
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