A term that fans of American Idol Season 7 contestant Danny Noriega use to call themselves.
All the Danimals should vote for Danny on the Idol poll!
by bea_xo March 12, 2008
A brand of yogurt. Aimed for younger children demographically. Delicious.
by Me_yesme July 21, 2010
“Danimal” means a girl whose legal name is Danielle, but introduces herself to friends as “Dani”. The “Danimal” comes out when “Dani” has too much to drink. AKA she will never make an appearance at a work function.
Danimal sure is a nocturnal animal.
by titoatx June 28, 2011
The HUGE fanbase of the intense purple sexy ninja pickle, Danny Noriega!
Fan: Ohmygod! It's Danny! (screams) Danny, I love your guts!!!

Danny: I love your guts more! I love all my Danimals' guts!

by SavannahRae April 27, 2008
A person who parties on the DL or "down-low".
My friend Michelle is such a Danimal, she never admits to going out.
by Remplespoo August 27, 2008
a loser who thinks he's good in bed.. but he can't even get it up
omg my boyfriend came over last night and i realised he's such a danimal.
by you know lol November 16, 2006

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