Daniel is by far one of the nicest people you'll ever meet in your whole entire life. He may come across as a little shy at first but once you break the shell, and once he comes out of it on his own, he is amazingly confident. He's honestly a knight in shining armour with a guitar in hands, don't you forget! He has the voice of an angel, a male angel I mean, and sings beautifully. Enough to woo women across the world but he has captured the heart of one in particular; mine. He's honest, he's kind, he respects everyone even if they're horrible to him because he's just a good person like that. He's sensitive, he listens and makes a wonderful boyfriend. Not to mention, he's handsomeeeee, oh so handsome! Absolutely wonderful to look at. He has these beautiful blue eyes that I can look into for days on end, hours, years, and I want to! And these small lips that I can't wait to put my lips on either. Did I mention his veiny arms and perfect they are? He's just a perfect human being. He's smart, and I'm totally smitten with him. I keep falling harder. No regrets because this is the person I want to spend the rest of my life with. You would too if he was yours.
Daniel sings: So you want to play with magicccccc
Gypsy whispers: I totally want you.
Daniel: I'm yours.
Gypsy: You're mine.
by Gypsy23 May 13, 2014
Daniel, a word of many meanings; including "Himerus" which translates "God of sexual desire" in Greek literature, or "pipe kòfẹ" which in the language of Yoruba translates: "Perfect Penis". These being some of the many meanings used to describe the entity for-known as Daniel have been desperate attempts in different cultures to express to the god of which some say is the creation of all time and space, that's Daniel is thee best in which humans to date have had to offer as a representative of the 100% perfect evolution of what some people say to be "Guardian of beauty". With growing fear that the end is growing closer to the human race, people look only to the only chance of perfection which the human race will be able to leave behind, this chance Is Danilo (Spanish), Danijel (Slovene), Taniel (Armenian), the one and only entity among the living today which can prove to all other creations of the universe the true and pure definition, of perfection, even then some say perfection is a word to weak and thin to describe the thick, strong, tall, God-Like creature which is among us today.
Bow, bow to perfection, bow to the only hope of a worthy life you have.
guy one: "yo dude, last night was the best party I've every been to, it came close to being worthy of daniel!"
guy two: "bro don't say that word!"
guy one: "what? da-"
guy two: "no dude! You might expload!"
guy one: "what?"
guy two: "yeah dude... explode... into rainbows!"
guy one: "whoah!"
by MysteryMan17 February 25, 2014
The most amazing sexy beast that ever lived. Oh, and don't wrestle, fight, or grapple with him because you will lose. Oh, and he is super funny too. Oh, and he super-loves his woman so b*#$@!s back off!
Guy 1: "Look at that guy over there!! I'm gonna go kick his ass!!"
Guy 2: "NO!!!! Dude, that is a Daniel....you don't stand a chance"

Girl 1: "Daaaaaang...did you see that Daniel over there?!"
Girl 2: "Hell yeah!!! Girl, he is FINE."
Girl 1: "I know....but he loves his woman...*sigh*"

Person 1: "Uuuuum....that was the lamest joke ever."
Person 2: "Oh, come on! It wasn't that bad!"
Person 1: "Just give up the comedy...Face it, you're never going to be a Daniel."
by LMarie February 06, 2014
Someone who has a massive nose and watches gossip girl. He is liked by Karen who is super thirsty that of which can not be measured by any scale made by man or God alike. He is known as a giraffe and his natural habitat is his couch where he games on his IPad.
Karen: OMG look at Daniel I like him sooooo much cause Im thirsty AF.
Everyone ever: We all know Karen now STFU.
by Big-D-77 October 17, 2014
Daniel is an intelligent individual with big dreams and unwavering determination who wants to make a life for himself that he didn't have as a kid. He's honest and extremely protective of the people he loves.

He is really careful about what he does with his money, and is always looking at the bigger picture.

He will say horrible things to/or about people when he is angry, often when he feels he's let down someone he cares about. Usually the things he accuses them of are traits he dislikes about himself. Under all of that B.S. though, he always has a lot of love and integrity.

Daniel is an ambitious individual, and a force to be reckoned with.
That guy has a lot of money, he must be a Daniel.
by Youprobablydoknow April 03, 2010
Someone who almost intentionally breaks your heart. But also a great, funny, outgoing, amazing guy who loves life and music.
I really miss daniel he was once my world
by CullenKid April 28, 2009
A charismatic, loving guy, who still understands chivalry. Opens your doors for you, is always willing to help people out, even strangers. Has the most gorgeous personality and looks, with a charming smile. With eyes the color of the ocean, freckles that dance across his skin and smile lines on his face that show you how genuine he is. The best boy/friend in the universe. Very trustworthy, and a keeper. Would give his life for you. Who loves unconditionally and without abandon and is always there for you when you're having a bad day. The most perfect man in the universe, my soulmate.
Too bad that guy's not a Daniel. Daniel is not a Baka.
by BooBearTiful1 August 19, 2014

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