Guy who loves sports, drinking and irish punk rock, somehow manages to be appealing to every girl on the planet despite a chronic inability to seal the deal. Will end up being the PE teacher all the unpopular girls have a crush on. Curse his buffness.
(Friend) Hey is that Daniel over there?
(Other friend) Is he wearing a quiksilver t-shirt?
(Friend) No.
(Other friend) Then it's not Daniel.
by Jimmy Pop 24 July 28, 2007
One with the most beautiful eyes in the world. They will capture you, emerse you, and hold you until you find yourself completely lost. A Daniel is sweet, caring, loving, and eveything you could ever want in the world. A Daniel is loyal, a safe haven, and true. He will never break your heart unless you break his. He's completely perfect, but won't admit to it. He may get angry, but when he's angry or completely content his eyes will turn to the most beuitful shade of gold. One look and you'll be his fovever.
No one can resist a Daniel

Alison: Isn't that guy's name Daniel?
Maria: Yeah, I think so he has such pretty eyes
Alison: Yeah I know!
Alison: I think I'm going to go ask him out!
by SmolderinBlue February 16, 2010
Quiet but can be a total ladies' man; cute but very mysterious; ladies go wild for his sexy deep voice.
Totally doable chick: "Walking along the beach, I saw a Daniel and totally gave myself to him."
Daniel: "Yeah...I know, I was there."
by TotallyNotDaniel_it's YEn April 24, 2009
1.A goober!
2.A name given to a person who is astonishingly hot looking like Vin Diesel.
3.An incredible friend who likes to quarrel about the silliest things. He gets frustrated after a while of arguing. Is often reserved and shy. Can be sweet and caring.
Dulce: Daniel is so Hot!!
Araceli: Mmm papi. He is. He looks like Vin Diesel. He’s such a goober though! Ha Ha!! Aww he’s so charming.
by sunshine's March 12, 2009
a name that truly defines a big heart and truly is a person of God. He is truly filled with compassion and love. he is faithful and protective and fears the injury of his love. A humble man. extremely romantic. VALUES a woman like no other man in this world. RESPECTS a woman for her heart first and her inner beauty not for physical apperance that attracts men first. looks straight into your eyes and his focus is ONLY on you and your face. a romantic touch in a candle lit dinner situation to romantic touch to roses on a bed. Daniel is a name that truly under estimates the AMAZING man he is at heart and at person
"When you are in Love you can't fall asleep because reality is better than your dreams."

Dr Seuss

Women wish to be loved not because they are pretty, or good, or well bred, or graceful, or intelligent, but because they are themselves.

Henri Frederic Amiel
Love is a promise, love is a souvenir, once given never forgotten, never let it disappear.

John Lennon
by maggie<3'sdaniel February 09, 2010
Another name for sexy as hell. If you are called daniel it means you are very loving, romantic, and you have no flaw at all. Daniel's are overall amazing (aka THE SHiiT)
Girlfriend: Baby?
Boyfriend: Yeah?
Girlfriend: You're such a Daniel <3

Boyfriend: :D I Love You!
by Linaresx80 April 19, 2009
Daniel is someone who is kind but at times the most selfish person around. He is someone who makes you smile and laugh and isn't even trying to. Daniel is someone who just wants to have a family and live the "normal" life. He is proud but will admit when he's wrong as long as you point it out. He is loving but only when people aren't looking. A Daniel is easy to fall in love with and stay in love with. They can be childish but when it's necessary they take responsibility.
by SwayJunglist June 18, 2009

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