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In the scene from Casino Royale where Daniel Craig as James Bond is at a beach in the Bahamas, He rises up from the clear water nonchalantly, displaying his sculpted body, wearing only tight swim trunks and walking like a bad ass.

The Daniel Craig Way is to be able to pull of the same effect with tight trunks as this scene does, with a ripped body and catching the eye of an exotic and voluptuous woman riding a horse along the sandy shore.
"Oh man! I'm really gonna pull off the Daniel Craig Way next summer! This $50 a month gym membership is totally worth it."

Sexy lady #1: "See that guy? I know that he's still got his pants on but look at his torso! It's so...defined."
Sexy Lady #2: "I know! All I can think about is him and the Daniel Craig Way. I'd sure like to ride that horse when he comes walking in from the water."
by AznMT July 18, 2010