pop star whose name is all too easy to say
" ummmmm.....daniel bedingfield/craig david........."
by craig david - daniel bedingfield January 18, 2005
Top Definition
daniel bedingfield is a pop singer who produces songs that are easy on the ear. some of his hits include "if you're not the one" and "gotta get thru this"
person 1: "who is daniel bedingfield?"

person 2: "one of the best singers of all time in my opinion"
by diego hansen March 18, 2006
One of the crappest artists of all time who admitted to recording his first album in between wanks in his room at his mother's house. His sister natasha is fit little whore who cant sing or write songs either no matter how hard the slapper tries. hopefully we will never hear from either of this ear murderers again!
Daniel Bedingfield is not only a crap singer/songwriter he is also up for Britain and World Tosser of the year!
by Daragh "innit?" McGuinness July 20, 2006
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