Hottest man alive. period. Lead singer of Cradle of Filth. Banshee like screams have made the band amazing and unforgetable.
DAMNNNNNNN, that dude looks like dani filth, hes so hottt.
by xxxxxxjess September 11, 2006
Top Definition
Singer of Cradle of Filth. Real name is Daniel Davey.
Dani Filth is a very nice girl.... and is married to Sierra! Gurl plz.
by sierra FILTH January 28, 2006
Basicly, frontman of the best band to emerge from this world, EVER. ...In otherwords & in my eyes and i'm sure plenty of others will agree GOD.
Dude, have you seen that Dani Filth frontman for Cradle of Filth he's so hot. He's like a GOD!

by StarFilth April 14, 2007
Singer for the biggest black metal band of all time Cradle of Filth, also notable for his absurdly terrible vocals, reminiscent of a small bird being sodomized by Lexington Steele cheesy goth tomfoolery and ridiculous pseudo-Satanic teenie bopper imagery.

The poster boy for Faggoth.
"Maybe Dani Filth is the antichrist...I mean God *does* hate fags."
by Nathan von Christy April 03, 2007
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