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a hanging wedgie but you can still feel the floor with your toes
I am a wedgie-loving girl. I had never had a dangling wedgie or a hanging
wedgie. One day I decided to give myself one of the two, so I picked dangling
cause I figured a hanging would hurt more since I would be suspended in the air.
well I had just set it all up where I would be giving myself a dangling wedgie
from my closet door and over a tote (a tote is a container) when all of a sudden
I fell. When I fell my underwear (which were tighty-whities)pulled tighter against my butt crack which gave me alot of pain.I had given myself my first hanging wedgie!!! It hurt so bad and I couldnt get to the tote. Eventually I got to the tote and off the door but at least now I can
say I have gave myself a hanging wedgie and a dangling wedgie
by Happymoney13 April 28, 2009

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