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An album by the rock band My Chemical Romance. Though it leaves behind being a pop tinged deathrock band behind, the record has risen to massive acclaim from fans and critics both. It incorporates elements of the first wave of punk rock, hair metal, Britpop, goth rock, glam, and electronica. The only people that really DON'T like the album are people who liked their first records.
Jim: Dude, I bought the new MCR record, Danger Days. It was actually pretty good. I never liked the whole emo thing, but this is one of my favorites this year.

Tommy: Nah, man, they're just sellouts. They need to go back to their stuff on "Bullets."

Jim: Oh, you mean be like every other safe band in modern rock and write the same album over and over? *sigh* Hobknocker...
by Davie H. Bowie November 23, 2010
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November the 22nd

1) the day My Chemical Romance's 4th studio album "Danger Days: The True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys" was released. a day where you take caution, pump out the slaughtermatic sounds, and just love being a killjoy

2: the anniversary of President Kennedy's Assasination, could be observed as both rememberance for the president or simply a day to observe conspiracy theories
Guy #1: Dude its Danger Day

Guy #2: its the 22nd why are you celebrating Kennedy's assasination

Guy #1: I'm not I'm celebrating MCR's new cd

Guy #2: oh
by Party Poison November 22, 2010
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One of the best albums by the band, My Chemical Romance. It was slightly different from what they normally made. They are (sadly ;-;) not a band anymore, and shall be remembered.
Did you hear the song, Na Na Na? It was my favorite song in the Danger Days album!
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by emo-iero October 10, 2016
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