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An alternative to school operated "Safe Grad" event where the graduating class is shipped off on buses to a safe alcohol and drug free environment.

Danger Grad is an unsafe event where copious amounts of alcohol and drugs are consumed. Due to this people do stupid things and more often then not someone gets hurt. Danger Grad usually takes the form of a single large party but can also be a multi-day event.
Peter: Hey Jon are you going to Safe Grad?

Jon: Hellz no man, i'm going to Danger Grad, i'm going to get completely hammered.

Peter: Wow that sounds like way more fun then being stuck with the entire graduating class and playing stupid games. All the time not being able to drink or do drugs.

Jon: Ya, you should definitely come to Danger Grad.

Peter: Aight.
by Rayslav Finkletov June 02, 2009