Danaya is smart, sweet and very kind.

Danaya has a Smile that can light up a room.
Every man should have them a Danaya
by omarry March 15, 2010
A sexy, intelligent, and beautiful girl. Everyone should find a Da'Naya she's rare she's different and unique. Her smile makes you wanna smile even when your sad. It's all these things that makes her a sneaky bitch. She will cheat and lie her way to the top. On the outside she's a sneaky bitch. But if you stay around and get close enough to her you'll see the real beautiful her.
Chad: There goes that bitch Da'Naya

James: Haha you only see the outside

Chad: What do you mean

James: Just get close <3
by Danni XxXx June 28, 2014

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