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A man who does not necessarily live in our reality but who possesses an intrinsic intellectual capacity that is unrivaled. Pursues copious amounts of attractive females but is rejected because of his sheer but misunderstood brilliance and strange epigamity. Proclivity to be attracted to highly aesthetically pleasing females. Doesn't mind a licentious or lascivious woman. Luxuriates in his powers of persuasion. Dashing looks coupled with a sharp sense of sarcastic humor. Known as a creeper but undeserving of this reputation. Views the glass as neither half empty nor half full but non-existent. Politics is his forte. Slays quiz bowl competitors. Some view him as the quintessential reprobate and as the most morally ignoble person in existence. He rejects the outlooks of other's and instead supplants his own lugubrious yet accurate vision of the future. Has been accused of having misogynist tendencies. Prototypical contrarian. He doesn't just refuse to recite the pledge of allegiance . He sits down and then refuses to recite it.
Person 1: Dude that's Dan Butler!
Person 2: Who is that???
Person 1: A man who represents the darker yet secretly desirable side of humanity.

Person 2: woah
by dawg47 May 11, 2011
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