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The act of a bitch saying "God damn you to hell".
Then you slap her. She goes "Ow!"
She gets mad and you wasted over $100 on a bitch that you pissed off.
You tell your wife and she says: "That bitch!" then you slaps you.

You get mad and stab her. She says: "I hope you get 'damned to hell by a bitch' again you bastard!"
She calls the cops and you go to jail for four years for assault.
So we all learned something. Don't get a whore and/or bitch.
Bitch: Hey!
You: What!?!?
Bitch: Damn you to hell!
You: Gr! *Slap* *Slap* *Slap* How that feel bitch?
Bitch: Damn you!!!!
You: I want my $189 back!
Bitch: I'm keeping it!
You: Damn it! I got damned to hell by a bitch!
You walk home
Wife: Where you been?
You: Shut up bitch! *Slap* *Slap* *Slap* *Stab*
Wife: Ow!!! Help! WTF was that for?
You: Go the hell!
Wife: Damn you to hell!
2 weeks later you lose you lose you case and you are sent to jail
You: Crap!!
Prisoner: Get over here! And make daddy happy!
by MadeForDeathDEFINISIONS January 26, 2011
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