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It can be used to express blame towards a person, place, or thing.

Easy to shout when something doesn't go your way, or when a group of your friends get screwed over cuz it was your fault.

It gives you a sense of security to blame Anne & not yourself

The original Dammit Anne resides in Seattle, WA the name was given to her by her father. she can found on myspace, but then again who can't.

"I lost the keys to my car... Dammit Anne!"
"Dammit Anne! I'm out of beer!"
"I missed my flight to Chicago cuz I stayed up all night drinking booze & blowing all my cheddar on strippers....... DAMMIT ANNE!"
"Dammit Anne, Bellevue, WA sucks alot!"
by Sweens December 14, 2007

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