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Strickly for artisitic types and aficionados of Salvadore Dali. While inserting your penis into the rectum of another, carefully drop a stool in your left hand. Thereafter, with your right finger as a brush and your partner's back as a canvas, use the feces to paint a version of "The Persistence of Memory" a most famous Dali painting. With any excess stool, paint a handle-bar type fecal mustache on your partner, in honor of Dali. Very Surreal...
After a Boffo night at the Gala at the Uffici, I inserted my penis in the rectum of some unknown artist. Thereafter, I stooled in my hand and proceded to finger paint a most aromatic version of Dali's "Young Virgin Auto-Sodomized By the Horns of Her Own Chastity". Surreal, to say the least. A real Dali Sanchez.
by cool pluck September 24, 2010
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