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The greatest show on VH1. Starring Daisy De La Hoya, from Rock of Love. The hottest guys probably ever to walk the planet are trying to win her over.
Girl: Did you watch Daisy of Love last night?
Girl 2: I'm watching it right now. I'm in love with Cage.
Girl: I love Sinister. I'd suck his dick.
by GSsdgasd May 24, 2009
VH1 show involving a tatted-up, botox injected muppet that continues to ride her 15 minutes of fame far longer than should be logically allowed
"Why the hell am I watching Daisy of Love?"
by calihog July 31, 2009
A tv show where a slut who looks like a dude gets 19 dude on and fucks them all and we have it all on tape to prove she is a huge ugly whore.
I turned the tv on and saw a slutty chick on vh1 the show was Daisy Of Love
by JIGGA HOE 666 July 12, 2009