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Daily affirmation to Keep Obama Senator (KOS) and NOT elect him in '08 until he attains more presidentially pertinent experience; even if it takes a decade or more!!!
During your morning ritual everyday, don't forget your daily KOS along with a multivitamin.
by Ken Michael Zappala July 10, 2008
A "progressive" political blog that is perhaps the best example of liberal mob-mentality that can be found on the internet.
"Dude, I posted on dailykos and they banned me. I don't get it. What's a Switters, anyway?"
by FieldingBandolier February 26, 2007
The current most prolific political blog on the internet with some 1.5 million visitors each week. The owner of the liberal blog is Marko Moulitsas, one of the few veterans in the blog world.
Check out DailyKos latest piece on Roberts!
by ladder August 16, 2005
A popular site for political commentary, blogging, and threads. The Daily KOS is wildly liberal, and often substitutes factual information with opinions.
Dude, the Daily KOS said Bush is going to announce himself as dictator and serve for life!

Stop it man, you're hurting my brain and lowering both of our IQs!
by CampbellCrazie July 25, 2008
The biggest Democratic political blog, managed by Markos Moulitsas Zuniga (who goes by his old army nickname, 'kos'). It's a community which includes many thousands of diarists and commenters. With the rise of political blogs, Daily Kos has become increasingly influential over the last several years.

'Kos' rhymes with 'dose'.
Looking back, the people at Daily Kos look pretty smart for opposing the Iraq War from the beginning.
by Neil the Ethical Werewolf May 07, 2008
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