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Born from the words Dad and Status, possessing Dadus embodies the manly responsibilities of being a stereotypical adult male. Of course, doing anything and everything better than your son is bonus but in general, anything reflecting your responsible adult manhood qualifies.
My Dadus reached new heights when I pulled out the schematics of the oven to fix it.

Person 1: Believe me, I never leave the lights on or the door unlocked before I sleep. My dadus is better than that.

Person 2: Loser.
by lifeisrhythm April 11, 2011
Slang for the reproductive organ of the male specimen. Believed to have been orgininated from Philadelphia but cannot be confirmed. Others believe the origin is Indian or Persian.
"Yeah brah, I came downstairs and she was all up on his dadu."

-Mahatma Gandhi

"A dadu for a dadu makes the whole world shoot blanks."

-Mahatma Gandhi (Unconfirmed quote)
by Daduder December 10, 2009
Any Persian father who doesn't know that his two sons are smoking heft amounts of marajuana and cigarettes.
"You luuuuuh dem highs, but Dadu spoils all the fun."
by Brownie April 20, 2004
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