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A Drinking game involving an extra large beer mug and ping pong balls. Similar in nature to quarters, Daddy Jesus has the starting player pour a chosen amount of beer into the mug and then attempt to bounce the ping pong ball into the mug. If successful, the player then pours any chosen amount into the mug and passes the ball to the next player. Any time a player fails to make the ball into the mug, they must drink the contents of the mug.
"The last time we played Daddy Jesus, he ended up getting screwed over by the other guys and had to drink a full giant mug."
by UFdude September 04, 2011
The person who is super dope to the max and he always gives you what you want. It is to be associated with mommy barbie which is the female version of the coolest parental association there is
"Hey did you notice your dad gave you more money to go out"

"Yeah he's my daddy jesus"
by Ivan_yesss December 03, 2007

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