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no...this is stupid. what the fuck is "da blue crew". some stupid monkeyass black family?
da blue crew is ignorant.
by tub girl ass eater April 01, 2005
Cheesey southern Gang member wannabe's who are "not hood" enough so the crips won't let them in (notorious nation wide gang reppin blue) so they form thier own country version of this strictly sub urban and urban culture
What that Blue crew boy get stomped out by those real Cs,
by Pimp Juice-a-lot April 01, 2003
More dumbass gang fucks.
Blue Crew? What the fuck are these morons doing now?
by The Dave March 06, 2004
The most hardcore, big balling, money making group of mother fuckers in the northern hemisphere. They rep Dallas like no other.
You mess with the blue crew? YOU DEAD HOE
by Everyone At Shepton Highschool February 13, 2003
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