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Acronym standing for Drunk With Boys, Whoops! This is actually a streamlined form of the observed phenomenon "sometimes people get drunk in a room with boys and things happen." In the DWBW form, the phrase can be easily texted or used in mixed company as a way of communicating to a friend that errors in judgement may or may not have been made, rendering the user of the phrase in need of a ride, understanding and gentleness, coffee and mimosas, bail money, plan B delivery, forgiveness or cover for absence at an appointed time and place, or any other circumstance that might arise from such a situation.
J: You're looking a mite disheveled this morning, princess. Are you ill?
S: Uhhhh, DWBW.
J: Please tell me he's at least close to our age rather than cougar bait.

S: Where the hell have you been? Your roommate is screaming at me that that I LOST you!
J: Um, yes. DWBW. Let me see if I can find a magazine with the address of where I am on it.
S: I'll be there in 10 minutes to pick you up.
by petuniafarmer April 04, 2010