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DVNT is a clothing line based in Brisbane, Australia.

They originated in 2008 as a movement against the stale, boring, repetitive clothing being forced upon the youth of today.

By mixing controversy, a deviated twist, and stand-out designs they try to create something you'll be proud to wear.

DVNT is involved in the BMX, Skate, Street-Art and Australian music scene. In particular the Brisbane Hip-Hop and punk music scene.

They create fun designs to make the everyday - distinctly deviant.

DVNT brings its style direct from the streets, offering a quality clothing line for both men and women.

Keep your mind in the gutter.
Guy 1: That shirts rad! Where'd you get it?

Guy 2: The DVNT Clothing website!! You should check them out!!
by Dooges111 October 20, 2010