Don't Type Anything
Sophia: My paranoid dad is coming DTA

There's supposed to be no reply
by Fried Pickles October 19, 2009
Downtown Annapolis, MD. Also known as Naptown. This state capital is just outside of the gates of the US Naval Academy, and is the favored drinking domain for most midshipmen. It is traditionally an extremely cougar rich environment. It is also usually infested with au pairs who come out on Friday and Saturday nights to prey upon drunken midshipmen. It is an extremely sleazy place.
Me: Hey Brownie, what are we gonna do tonight?
Brownie: I am itching to take down the german au pair Marta!
Me: Well, it looks like DTA it is then! I haven't been taken down by a cougar in a few weeks, let's head to O'Briens!
by Fitness J May 15, 2007
DTA-death to all
by twiztedNalone November 09, 2003
anti-American terrorist lingo
death to america
abbreviation for use in everyday life
down with America, DTA DTA
by DaveCot September 07, 2009

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