Doggie style only. Similar to a butter face or good from afar but far from good. Frequently characterized by a great body, possibly even a sexy head of hair, but a face that will make a freight train take a dirt road on a rainy night.
Carolina was so DSO that I had to tell her "Bitch, just look at the headboard. I'm trying to nut here!"
by SMF1966 May 31, 2012
Top Definition
Double-Stuf Oreo.
Guy 1: "God damn it, I've got a craving only DSOs can cure."

Guy 2: "You gonna get fat."
by Trazdee August 14, 2011
Short for Doggie Style Only. Used to refer to women who from the rear view look extremely attractive, but the front view looks more like she's ran into the back of a truck.
Generally used as a secret men's business tool, when one male only has a rear view and the other has seen the front...
Male 1: DSO?
Male 2: Yeah definitely DSO, hope you got a paper bag man!!
by GM October 14, 2004
Dick Sucking Owen

a nickname made for any in-the-closet hormonal boys named Owen, whom claims to be straight, but in reality sucks several dicks on a daily basis.
hey, DSO!
by vlveronica January 15, 2015
Dumb Shit Operator

Someone who can't operate a piece of equipment properly.
I think the problem with your computer is the DSO.
by bopontana October 25, 2011
Acronym meaning "During Sex Orgasm" usually applied to the elusive act of climaxing for a female unable to achieve during intercourse.
Bree had slept with over 20 men in 5 years, yet had been unable to achieve a DSO.
by Breee December 08, 2006
Stands for Deadly Sperm Overload.

It is the condition that men have, and the reason that they get so angry and aggressive. They need to release themselves and when they don't get any booty they suffer from DSO syndrome.
"He is being so rude!"
-"Well he is suffering from DSO!"
by Manymenproblems March 01, 2011
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