Doesn't require brain.
How did you do on the home economics exam?

That was a DRB test. I aced it!
by divergrace April 30, 2010
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short for durty russain bastard
did you see how much those DRBs were drinking last night
by dnoginizr January 28, 2009
short for dumb retared bitch

1) "yo put that drb on the phone!"

"u mean DRagonBall?"

"NO! put that stupid bitch on the phone"
by dumb retarded bitch August 27, 2009
(n)pronounced derb. acronym for definate reason boner.
Honestly, are you that dull that you can't figure it out how to use drb in a sentence?
by sacredasylum July 26, 2007
dirty rookie baby.

when a drg (dirty rookie girl) becomes pregnant they have a drb.

born and raised in garden city
person 1:yo0o drg's baby is due in a couple months.

person 2: i mean, that poor little drb never had a chance
by partyintheusaaa September 13, 2009
D- Down
R- Right
B- Ballin
Prounouced: (Derb)
Man dem beatz is drb!
by Secret5721 July 16, 2007

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