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one's period
sydny of SF "i have my dot"
by Superstar December 16, 2002
103 67
A word used to describe something cool, awesome, exciting, etc.
'Last weekend was totally dots, man!'
by VeryWeasly February 01, 2010
45 18
Dick Off Torso
The action of being ridin to the extent of having your member seperated from your midsection. Also known as De-cocking.
I would have gone to Stacey's party but last time I saw her she gave me the D.O.T.
by Connan March 19, 2007
31 12
Another name for the game where you have a bunch of dots on a piece of paper and you and your opponent take turns trying to make squares, one line at a time.
Also called squares
I've always wanted to play strip dots, but no one ever wants to play with me. Maybe I should start hanging with more girls.
by Morpheus August 02, 2004
55 37
Stands for "do that shit". Either when you're getting something done or when you want someone else to get something done.
A: Man, I really need to brush my teeth.
B: Yea, that's nasty. Dots!
by rijenja November 02, 2012
21 4
Abbreviated slang for the drug LSD. Probably derived from "Microdots"
Dude, I sold the cat to the lab - we can afford enough dots to trip for a week!
by Gyro-Beau June 20, 2004
46 29
another word for spots,
Spot: a small piece of bud(weed,pot) pressed between two heated up knives and inhaled.
"awwww i was just at home doing some dots and the police came, and i was like.. awwwwwwwwww shit"

"i had about 5 dots and i was gone"

"my mother noticed black on the ends of our butter knives from dots,,, ohhhhhhh"
by yourallcats September 29, 2011
17 2