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A derogatory word used to describe people of Asian decent, as they are widely rumored to eat stray dogs.
"That fuckin' dog eater can't drive for shit!!"
by Payton Armour July 15, 2005
Usually refers to someone of asian decent since asians are notorious for eating really exotic food,including dog.
guy 1: What is that stench!?
guy 2(asian): It's my korean barbeque
guy 1: nobody wants to smell your fried dog you dogeater
by MrRistro March 01, 2011
Asian person who ate BINGO!

Want to sing a song, no Dog eater ruined that.
by William Pham April 13, 2006
that aimee over there just ate another dog. what a dog eater.
by i will tell if ur my frend August 21, 2010