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The ultimate self promoter. He makes good beats but barely says anything in his songs. He always wants you to listen, but does not have alot to say. Anywhere you see him, either on tv or on a truck or billboard he will be sayin- buy my album.

Dj Khaled: Lisssttennnn
Me: im listening
Dj Khaled: We da best!
by Tdowns August 21, 2007
Likely the biggest goofball in Hip Hop today. The secret to his success lies in his hilariously dumb catchphrases and his decisions to shout them over some good songs.
DJ Khaled in top form:

WE DA BEST!!!! WHO??? WE!!!!!
by ABatte August 23, 2007


by j-rob mad fresh April 12, 2010
A middle eastern DJ of Palestinian descent.One of the fat members of Terror Squad, He is also Fat Joe's bitch. whatever DJ Khaled does, Fat Joe is always trying to take his spot infront of the camera.He is also known for barely saying anything in his songs, such as "We takin over".
He is also known for saying only "Lissteeeennn" in his songs.
Dude 1: Yo man you check out dat nigga DJ khaled in "we takin over".
Dude 2: He aint Black dipshit he middle eastern.
Dude 1: Daaayum! didnt know he was a terrorist!
Dude 2:*Sigh* Your a fucking dumbass.
by HyphyKid May 02, 2007
A guy that dances to his own music like a rooster having a seizure in "We Takin' Over"
DJ Khaled: "I dance to my own beats while Rick Ross raps"
by YAHHTRIKWHAT April 19, 2008
Has to be the worst DJ in the modern hip-hop scene. Most of his songs consist of "WEEEE DAAAA BEEEESSSSST!!!!". Favored by pre-pubescent boys who think they're cool listening to it. They often play it on the Ipod touches that mommy just bought them at extreme volume so that everyone around them can hear they're cool enough to listen to DJ Khaled.
If you were to say this to DJ Khaled fans they would refer to you as a hater and go text message the other pre-pubescent DJ Khaled fans saying "____iz a dj khaled hata. i goin 2 rejekt he ass on facebuk"
"WEEE DAAA BEEESSSTT!" ~ dj khaled
by Urbanfuck May 13, 2010
A Middle Eastern Rapper who for some reason gets to say nigga
OG:in We Go hard dj kahled made a fool of him self
DJ Khaled:NIGGA!!!!
by flexflav August 14, 2009
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