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A French DJ signed to ED BANGER RECORDS. Released an album LUCKY BOY in October 2006. Born, and raised in Paris, DJ Mehdi has been producing major french Hip-hop artists since 1995 while making great noise (and platinum albums) with his bands Ideal J and 113, remixing various electronic acts and composing soundtracks for many french and international films. His resumé mentions collabos with the largest scope, from MC SOLAAR to DAFT PUNK, including KOURTRAJME movie-buffs ('Megalopolis' starring Teki Latex), french sweet-talkers like IAM's AKHENATON or BOOBA, club gangstas CASSIUS, VERSATILE, or SUPER DISCOUNT, globe-trotters ASIAN DUB FOUNDATION, K-OS or GROUP HOME plus legends like FUTURA2000, RYUICHI SAKAMOTO, and RYAN McGINNESS.----------
DJ Mehdi gets so cosmic with the synths that its as if you've woken up in an alternative 1983, where Thatchers rule has been replaced by that of benevolent aliens.
#dj mehdi #french dj #ed banger records #amazing poon #chromeo
by V-Mrc "Vdash" Popeye April 26, 2007
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