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A Seattle-based, NYC aspiring DJ for the radio station 90.3 KEXP. He hosts the stations morning show from 6 AM to 10AM on weekdays and is the stations shining star. He has been, as often reported by the independent newspaper The Stranger, attempting to use KEXP as a way to move to New York City for personal reasons and establish himself as a star DJ there instead of lowly Seattle. He has often been criticized for being greedy, passive aggressive and hypocritical in his music choices and need for total control. It has also been asserted that the regular pledge drives done by KEXP to "Support local music" are merely a way for John to get to move to New York City for personal reasons.
DJ John in the Morning never fails to back down from a fight with the writers at The Stranger, hahaha.
#kexp #90.3 #seattle radio station #the stranger #in need of his comeupance
by Ford Leiden January 31, 2010
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