Taking apart, or exploring

"I dissected the frog, and found his intestines very gross!"
by Michael Wilkes November 08, 2003
Top Definition
A amazing Swedish black metal band that has pushed the limits farther than most bands during its time. Vocalist Jon was in for 7yrs for murder of a homosexual. Jon and Dissection has made it clear they are not racists and the murder was not of 'hate crime'.
Qoute: "I, we want our fans to know and to make it a point that it is not and never has been part of our policy or philosophy to be a part of racism and what it stands for" - Dissection
GOAT: Fear the Rebirth of Dissection!!!
Closeminded: Your stupid go listen to rap and what mtv says to listen to.

GOAT: If you are reading this go to www.Dissection.nu
by GOAT FUKER February 27, 2005
An incredible melodic black metal band from Sweden, mixing harsh vocals and sounds with melodic guitar solos. Live Legacy just happens to be one of the best albums ever.
Just listen to it, tool.
by NecroGrim August 27, 2005
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