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A wanton, high heel wearing slut who likes to do groups of of 8 men or more at one time. She makes all the men strip and gives them oral sex until they are hard. She then arranges the men by dick size. The best hung guy gets to do her doggie style while standing up. Simultaneously, one at a time, the other men sit on a couch facing her and get a hand job. However, while the guy fucking her gets the pleasure of cuming all over her face or any other part of her body that he desires, the guys getting hand jobs do not. Instead, right when they are about shoot their loads, she bends their dicks back so they cum all over their own stomachs and chests. She refuses to leave until all dicks in the room are limp and lifeless.
Amber came over to the frat house last night and pulled off a Dirty Erica. Unfortunately, Scott was the lucky bastard who got to do her and unload all over her face.
by SPORTIN' WOOD June 19, 2008
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