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A setting on alpine ski bindings, that determines the torque at which it will release the boot.

It is based on height of the skier, weight of the skier, the skiers boot size, the type of skiing being performed, the skiers age, and, to a smaller degree, the brand of the binding.

It is very important that the bindings be appropriately set to meet these criteria. Otherwise, the binding might not release in the event of a fall, or, release prematurely under normal skiing circumstances. Both of these situations put the skier at risk for injury, and correctly setting the binding will minimize that risk.
A man of average height, weight, and skiing ability, would set his skis in the range of a 6 to 8 DIN setting.
#din #ski #binding #alpine #release #setting #torque
by Ray Ray Westinghouse February 05, 2008
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