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abbreviation of "don't get lippy", which means don't talkback or insult me.
"um hey... I heard you're a bit of a faggot"

by DAAAAVE MATE February 29, 2012
1 3
Dirty Girls for Life
when you always pick the dirty ones, your in the DGL club.
by rhizzle March 12, 2008
224 84
Dirty girls for life. Every girl you ever had was one, every girl you ever have will be one.

It's a gift and a curse.
Rob: I can't find a good girl. I'm DGL.
Big: DGL?
Rob: Dirty girls for life.
by Mike209 March 12, 2008
139 33
Dirty Girls for Life
In the MTV show, Rob & Big, Rob says he is DGL, because he only attracts dirty girls.
by The Guns March 12, 2008
79 31
Damn Good Lookin!
"man that chick is a D.G.L."
by El Codaz March 18, 2009
2 2
1-A term used to refer to the coolest person in a group.
2- A well rounded individual.
3. Someone who is both physically and intellectually superior to others.

"Oh man, I was the D.G.L of the party."
"that kid just benched 450! what a D.G.L"
by rr-killa February 18, 2009
1 4
Different gender loving.
Rachel: The word heterosexual sounds so clinical when describing my sexual orientation. I need a word that's not so, you know...bookish.

Pookie: about DGL! The flip side to SGL.

Rachel: I get it; Different Gender Loving! Cool. I'll use it. Thanks!
by IconoKlast March 11, 2009
8 54