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DGAF Friday is the last day of a week in which participants refuse to care about anything, simply not giving a fuck. Also can be renamed DGAF Monday, Tuesday, etc. as long as it corresponds to the last day of a work/school week before the weekend. If people DGAF all the time then things get out of hand, so there is now a designated day.

this term was coined in November 2009 by Keenan Turner and Zach Mastro
So far I have failed an exam, recieved 2 detentions, and pissed all over a toilet seat. But i dont mind, im just celebrating DGAF Friday!
by sewfertanick November 30, 2009
The single greatest day known to man. Period.
Mr Lynch was wearing some solid cargo shorts on DGAF Friday.
by veed October 15, 2007
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