Different Fucking Idea- when a plan changes- the original idea is Spanished and the cry of "D.F.I." goes out.
" D.F.I. on that! We're doing something else."
by Seaguller August 14, 2009
Top Definition
Don't Force It
"Everyone check out my new pp of my six pack ;)"

"Mate, DFI"
by ForcinItSinceDay January 03, 2012
Design for Innovation. DFI makes the best overclocking motherboards around.
I just got my new DFI motherboard and can now reach 3Ghz with my Opteron CPU.
by vanessa's dead April 09, 2006
Drug F*cked Idiot-a drug user-use to refer to anyone who is totally drug effected or DRUG F*CKED
"That guy she's seeing is a total D.F.I."
by whoozawhatzit February 19, 2008
Dog F**ked It - A saying used to describe the state of a possesion such as your mobile phone or a certain part of your body. Anything that could be physically "f**ked by a dog"

Originated from the furniture shop DFI insiting the half price sales are on because they're furniture has been "f**ked by a dog"
Pete: "Hey whats up with you arm?"
Tony: "DFI"

Kim: "Her car looks knackered. Whats that all about?"
Abi: "DFI"
by Shaun The Sheep March 13, 2008
Dumb Fucking Idea - used commonly on film sets
we had to DFI the original plan and start again from scratch
by blood sista October 15, 2004
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