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emo. goth. punk. scene. not one of these words fit me. not one of these words fit any of you. but you cant deny were SOMETHING. but what are we? the answer is simple.DESDIUS. how is someone desdius? shhh. you cant have qualifications you just are. if you are you know. its truth. its the pain that shaped you. its the fuel to your screams and racing guitars. it what makes us the broken. the damaged. the disturbed. Desdius. so never give in. be who you are and know. there are thousands of Desdius kids out there. were all connected. by our struggle funneled into music is our pain and thats the only way we survive.
not any of these: emo, goth, punk, scene, rock star: your DESDIUS then
by Emerald_eyes July 27, 2011