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Droid Engineer
by G-Dawg August 23, 2003
2 21
Jamaican word for "the"
Pon de river Pon de bank
by Tight Ass Pants July 03, 2005
126 42
Used in Counter-Strike map names. If the map name is prefixed with a "de" then you know it is a defusal map (one where terrorists set up a bomb).
de_dust, de_dust2, de_aztec,...
by ElephantSandwich August 28, 2004
100 51
D.E. is an abbreviation given to an employee who "Does Everything" in a dental office. Usually there are "DA" (dental assistants) and/or receptionists working at a dental office. A DE can do both of their jobs and can do it better than any one.
Annie is the best worker. Thats why doctor calls her his D.E.!
by denture maker September 24, 2010
11 4
Something of interest only to effeminate males or 'New Age guys' (i.e., a male who is overly sensitive or a man who has unbecoming delicacy or overrefinement). This is a word only in a very limited geographical area (Western Massachusetts). This word grew out of the sarcastic usage of "decent"
WHAT!? YOU BOUGHT A PINK CAR!!! Dude- That is SO de!!!
by Peter T. July 18, 2006
15 8
DELAWARE, the greatest small wonder on earth.....rrright. Here's Delaware in a nutshell for yah; three counties: New Castle, Kent, Sussex. If you don't live in New Castle county, your most likely white trash who spends your days fucking chickens or your sister(yes, there's more chickens in the state of DE than there are people). New Castle is the only respectable county in DE with the only respectable towns and cities. Kent and Sussex counties would make my dog vomit in disgust.
....pretty much the only acceptable city in DE is Wilmington, and if you disagree i dont care cause your a chicken REPRESENT
by J-Trav February 08, 2005
45 41
The look a woman gives when she is into you. D.E(dick eyes)
Yo man! She is totally giving you the D.E!
by Bishamonten September 16, 2010
4 2
A Jamaican/Caribbean term meaning "to be". It is said to come from an African language, possibly Ethiopian.
Babylon (goverment/authority) de pon me case.
by cfitz911 November 13, 2006
18 17