an acronym for Dream Come True. can be used to describe anything that is pretty much the best thing ever.
--do you like your brother's fiance?
--yes!! she's a total DCT! so loosh!--

--did you try the homemade donuts and bloody marys? DCT!!
by sfsis415 March 01, 2010
Driving, can't text.
When you are driving but can't respond to a text message and you want the sender to know your not ignoring them.

Friend: "Hey Jimmy, last night was amazing, do you want to get together tonight"?

Jimmy(driving): dct
by mrjemo December 26, 2010
Best vo-tech school in teh state. we PWN YOU ALL.
Im just a dumb East kid, I wish I went to DCTS.
by Jon McN. October 14, 2003
crapptastic crap band whom we all know and love
were you at dct's last show?-person 1
with newsense?- person 2
yes-person 1
yeah, the sucked my anul-person 2
by Anonymous September 27, 2003

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