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DCS is the abbreviation for Drunk Call Syndrome. Those who get wasted then find their fone call people up. DCS comes in different froms, from mild to severe cases.
Last night i got wasted n ended up callin the EX... stupid DCS
by f this May 14, 2005
14 9
Air Force 1's
She got on the red and white DC's
by Virginia July 04, 2003
23 19
Ever since I installed SP2, this blasted PC exhibits DCS by lipping off, (see lip off}, at me about the stupidest things instead of doing the task I gave it.
by Downstrike September 13, 2004
15 12
Dutch Cock Sucker;
Derrogitory phrase used to describe an unusually hardcore Pennsylvania Dutchman or those from Berks County, Pennsylvania who have a reputation as a both a cheapskate and a snitch.
1: "That DCS at the gas station never gave me my change!"

2: "That DCS Dale ratted on me for smoking in the breakroom."
by dirty-bee April 24, 2009
3 4
DCS is the abbreviation for 'Dairy Cream Sponge'
Often used by RAF folk!
"I love to tongue flick my DCS!"
by Jim McFiddle February 21, 2008
3 5
Dirty Cunt Splash: An EXTREME bitch; female.
"what's wrong jim?" "well, last night the wife was being a real DCS." "what's her deal?" "wouldn't suck my dick!"
by Randolphius July 30, 2008
1 4
a lil' ghetto skool, thats yellow! no1 likes it there
man u go 2 dcs?!
by jellybns29 May 31, 2004
10 29